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Thought “I have no idea what I’m doing” when it comes to your business?

Sat there staring at your latest client email wondering if you should burn it all to the ground?

Laid on the couch scrolling Instagram wondering how they knew what they were doing?

Gone for a walk with a podcast episode as your companion, wishing you had some way to talk through your problems with another business owner who could tell you the way forward?

How many times have you...

Wishing for More for Your Business?

So when we all come together, we’re able to give each other’s businesses a boost. And together....

Here’s the truth:

None of us know what we’re doing,
but we each know something.

None of us know what we’re doing, but we each know something.

A Rising Tide lifts all boats.

Our Rising Tide Society board members are coming together to each share what they do best and help you give your business a boost in 2024.

Join the business boost summit

The Business Boost Summit Is Here 

You can pick and choose which sessions to join based on what your business needs this year.

Although, we hope you’ll join us for them all, because we’ve found that more often than not... 

what we really all need is more community.

With your    free    ticket:

Tuesdays, Feb 20 - Mar 12

Meet the Speakers 

Marvin Flavien

Liz Coopersmith

Justina Cerra Lucas

Braden Drake

Chris Stiles

Erin Perkins

Natalie Franke

Emilia Farrace Amaro

Lawson House

Rhiannon Leila

Brittanny Taylor

Tune in each week for our set of speakers and connect with other business owners doing the same!

The Business Boost Summit is virtual, so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home!  No hard pants required. 😉 Prop your feet up, settle your laptop on your lap, and tune in with a cup of tea or coffee by your side. 

The details & schedule

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST    Virtual

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST  Virtual

Tuesdays, February 20 — March 12

Let’s spend TuesdaysTogether

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with Natalie Franke 


 2:00 pm EST

with Chris Stiles

Navigating Career Transitions: Shifting into Full or Part-Time Entrepreneurship

 1:00 pm EST

with Braden Drake

Decrease Your Taxes. Increase Your Take Home Pay.

 12:00 pm EST

Tuesday, March 12


with Justina Cerra Lucas

Creating & Managing a Marketing Strategy that Doesn’t Suck

 2:00 pm EST

with Liz Coopersmith

3 Things You Need to Automate in Your Business Now

 1:00 pm EST

with Marvin Flavien

How to Navigate the World of Video in a Visual Era 

 12:00 pm EST

Tuesday, March 5


with Erin Perkins

Building Accessibility into Your Biz

 2:00 pm EST

with Lawson House

The 5 Branding Mistakes Holding You Back

 1:00 pm EST

with Rhiannon Leila

Streamlining Your Business in Order to Scale (Without Burning Out)

 12:00 pm EST

Tuesday, February 27


with Brittanny Taylor

Wellbeing for the Small Biz Owner

 2:00 pm EST

with Emilia Farrace Amaro

Using Your Website to Create More Flow, Freedom, & Finances for Your Business and Life 

 1:00 pm EST

with Natalie Franke


 12:00 pm EST

Tuesday, February 20


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Presentations will be approximately an hour long, with time for Q&A built in - the perfect blend of the signature RTS mix of education and community.

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Will there be replays if I can't make it at the time of the live event?


I still have questions! 

Will there be time for Q&A?

Should I get the All Access Pass?

It is your choice if you'd like to purchase the All Access Pass. And you will still be able to upgrade after the summit begins, but here's what may make it worth it to get now:

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Should I get the All Access Pass?


I still have questions! 

Will there be time for Q&A?

Will there be replays if I can't make it at the time of the live event?




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